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On behalf of Forest Investment Associates and their clients, Florence Forest, LLC, LandVest is pleased to present Florence Timberlands to the market. Florence Timberlands is a high-quality, well-stocked northern hardwood investment with continuous cash flow opportunities, excellent access, and strong forest products markets.

Encompassing 30,600± acres in rural northeastern Wisconsin, the Florence Timberlands features an exceptional timber resource predominately composed of an uneven-aged forest dominated by northern hardwood species—sugar maple in particular. This well-concentrated property is situated in Florence, Forest, and Marinette counties, a short distance south and west of Iron Mountain, Michigan and approximately two hours from both Green Bay and Wausau, Wisconsin. The topography of this region and the property is relatively flat, transitioning from gentle upland conditions (favoring the northern hardwood sites) to lower wet areas (favoring the softwood components of the forest). Seasonal operating conditions may be a management consideration, but topographic limitations are limited or non-existent. The property is 96% forested with productive sites.

In total, the property carries more than 125 MMBF of sawtimber, of which 87 MMBF is hardwood, and an additional 495,000 cords of pulpwood, topwood, and growing stock. Sugar maple is the dominant species representing 46% of the total sawtimber volume, while basswood (a quality site indicator species), yellow birch, and red maple also contribute notably to the hardwood volume. Hemlock and other softwood species account for 31% of the total sawtimber volume. Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan offer a strong forest products economy with no shortage of markets or forest product service providers.

Florence is encumbered by several Working Forest Conservation Easements held by the State of Wisconsin. Approximately 2,000 acres remain unencumbered, preserving some development flexibility into the future. Access is considered excellent, serviced by public and well-maintained private roads. The property is enrolled in Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law.

Upon execution of the Confidentiality Agreement, qualified parties will now have access to a data room containing requisite property details to aid in their due diligence. Please find a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement in the "Property Documents" tab above.

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